TCM Acupuncture

Acupuncture is an approach that is effective both in times of illness and in times of wellness. In times past, one would visit the doctor in periods of wellness to maintain and improve your baseline level of health and to identify any imbalances before they became manifest illnesses.

By analyzing information about your day to day health and habits and any specific complaints you may have, the acupuncturist will determine how the balance within and between your body’s systems are. Here we meet the word Qi (Chee), which can be referred to as energy, which simply refers to the subtle electrical charge in your body and its ability to flow unhindered within and around cells, tissues and organs (a healthy cell is a charged cell, but they can also become overcharged and overactive).

Using the concept of Qi as a reference, with its relationships documented over millennia in the annals of Chinese medicine, the acupuncturist seeks to obtain a better balance of the activity of this energy in your body, preferably before you fall ill, and direct you towards a better level of health, or when, due to one reason or another, your body is fighting one illness or another, external or internal, and you need some help to get back on your feet.

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