L’ac at work – Corporate Acupuncture Services

…and so little time

Take care of your workforce and they will take care of the work, and with all there is to be done in a day, every bit of help will go a long way.

I provide acupuncture on-site, so that your important people can experience its benefits simultaneously, helping to keep your workforce happy, feeling appreciated and in the best shape possible, all of which feeds back into your business. Everything necessary to set up the treatment is supplied and installed – all you have to do is provide one or two pieces of standard furniture and some eager candidates, and your business will see the results in no time.


Acupuncture promotes wellness by putting the body’s system back in place, or in an even better place than they ever were before, by refining the flows of the body’s functions. What this can mean:

  • better concentration and energy levels
  • being more relaxed, efficient, flexible and resourceful
  • lower stress levels, reducing incidence of and reducing symptoms of burnout
  • better communication between team members and between managerial levels
  • reduced tension, inflammation and better blood circulation, resulting in:
    • better backs
    • better necks shoulders and wrists
    • fewer headaches and migraines
  • better sleep, digestion and immunity in general and so:
    • ready-for-action workforce
    • reduced afternoon energy slumps
    • fewer colds and allergy-related episodes