Without complementary insurance

No payment will be expected for treatment. You are invited to give a donation in recognition of and gratitude for the treatment provided should you so wish. This amount is entirely at your discretion, and should ideally be decided each time you wish to give something. To this end, there is a black box in the treatment room where cash can be left or where you may take a red payment slip. You may also use TWINT, or make a bank transfer to the account whose details are given lower on this page.


With a pertinent complementary insurance

If you have a complementary insurance policy with any of the following providers or with EGK, your sessions with me should be reimbursed as according to the particulars of your policy. If in doubt, it is always advised that you check with your insurer prior to commencing treatment.


Insurance-related pricing is as follows:













Gift vouchers

Gift vouchers for TCM acupuncture treatment stand at 150.- and 100.- for initial and follow-up consultations respectively.

Corporate Acupuncture

Pricing as according to plan chosen. Please get in touch to see what’s best for your business.


Couples acupuncture

As individual acupuncture, each individual invoiced separately


My treatments are not covered by standard medical insurance.

* Paediatric 1st consultations can vary considerably in duration based on the complexity of the case history and difficulty or severity of the presenting complaint. A consultation will never last more than 90 minutes (which would then be billed for the same amount as an adult session), and for convenience and in an attempt to avoid making children sit for hours while boring adults talk over them, some of the case history may be taken over the telephone.

** Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture will not be covered by any insurance models, and is not offered on a donation basis. Your facial treatment will be based on the same principles and process as an standard acupuncture treatment; the facial needles and time required for them are considered supplementary to the necessary procedure of addressing the state of health underlying the aesthetic condition. If there is a legitimate medical reason for requiring cosmetic acupuncture, this will be taken into account otherwise.



Payment can be made to:

IBAN: CH38 0900 0000 1402 2353 5

Post account: 14-22353-5

In favour of:

Murrough OBrien
1096 Cully