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Murrough provides a service that I could profit from not only physically but also mentally, setting an environment of calm and tranquility. I feel he was very understanding of those needed combined. I recommend his services and you can feel the benefits immediately after the session!

Renata, Lausanne

A couple of years ago I was going through many big changes in my life. Struggling with these life changes affected me both physically and emotionally, and during that time I had several acupuncture treatments with Murrough. These treatments helped me a great deal and I was able to restore emotional balance while my physical symptoms faded away. Murrough is not only a highly skilled practioner but also his healing presence and ability to intuitively tune into his clients’ needs on a very deep level are extraordinary.

Ulla Hoehenwarter, Lutry

Je suis allée consulter Murrough à la suite d’un burn out. Il a été la première personne à prendre le problème dans sa globalité au lieu de se focaliser uniquement sur les conséquences. Il a su soulager mes douleurs quotidiennes de dos tout en améliorant ma condition générale et tout ça dans la bonne humeur! Merci.

Marie, Lausanne

I have been treated by Murrough for more than two years when needed. I first saw him because I had migraines very often and problems to sleep. I first went because a friend told me to try as nothing was really helping me. I had never done acupuncture before I must admit I was a bit skeptical. But after the first treatment, I could already notice a huge difference. I am now convinced it works really well. In addition to the actual treatment, I must say that I really appreciate the way Murrough works. He really takes the needed time, he listens and this is also a big part of why I felt quickly comfortable. For me the results were amazing on my migraines, sleeping problems and later on on some back pains. So I really can only recommend him

Marie-Dominique, Lausanne

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