Murrough OBrien

Healing has always been a part of my life. With a history of doctors in the family and my mother a massage therapist, I grew up massaging any willing back, neck or shoulders available to me in some attempt to mimic what I so enjoyed receiving in my early years.

I first had acupuncture treatment aged eight, and while considering a career in physiotherapy as an excuse to use my hands professionally, I naturally found a route to studying acupuncture.

In 2002 I moved to London from my native Dublin to undertake a degree in ‘TCM’ Acupuncture at the University of Westminster in London. Having lived in a household where many different – particularly Asian – cultures were embraced, it was fascinating for me to learn this discipline, while also becoming a practitioner of Japanese martial arts, gaining a teaching qualification in Hatha yoga and already having a childhood founding and adult advancement in awareness meditation.

I believe that everything at this moment is exactly how it should be, and every moment is an opportunity to heal the past, develop the future and find the peace and wonder that lies between the two.