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Murrough provides a service that I could profit from not only physically but also mentally, setting an environment of calm and tranquility. I feel he was very understanding of those needed combined. I recommend his services and you can feel the benefits immediately after the session!

Renata, Lausanne

A couple of years ago I was going through many big changes in my life. Struggling with these life changes affected me both physically and emotionally, and during that time I had several acupuncture treatments with Murrough. These treatments helped me a great deal and I was able to restore emotional balance while my physical symptoms faded away. Murrough is not only a highly skilled practioner but also his healing presence and ability to intuitively tune into his clients’ needs on a very deep level are extraordinary.

Ulla Hoehenwarter, Lutry

I went to see Murrough as an alternative to tackling my insomnia problems with over-the-counter medicines.  Within a couple of sessions I was feeling less worried about not sleeping, relaxed and found that I slept like a baby right after a session of acupuncture with him.  Murrough takes the time to get to know his clients, to fully understand the bigger picture, and to use his depth and breadth of skills and experience to find just the right solution.  And to top it all, he’s a thoroughly nice chap too.

Andrew, Rolle

I have been treated by Murrough for more than two years when needed. I first saw him because I had migraines very often and problems to sleep. I first went because a friend told me to try as nothing was really helping me. I had never done acupuncture before I must admit I was a bit skeptical. But after the first treatment, I could already notice a huge difference. I am now convinced it works really well. In addition to the actual treatment, I must say that I really appreciate the way Murrough works. He really takes the needed time, he listens and this is also a big part of why I felt quickly comfortable. For me the results were amazing on my migraines, sleeping problems and later on on some back pains. So I really can only recommend him

Marie-Dominique, Lausanne

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